I’m going to Nationals 2016

In 5 and a half weeks, I will be heading to the US Nationals 2016 competition in Portland, OR. More information can be found at cubingusa.com/usnationals2016 and worldcubeassociation.org/competitions/USNationals2016. I’m competing in all of the events except for 3×3 to 5×5 blindfolded and multi-blind. Some of my goals include making the semi-finals in 3x3x3 (top 64) and in 2x2x2 (top 50).  Hopefully I will also be able to make the cutoff in a few other events, but other than that I am just hoping to meet other people and have fun at my first multi-day competition. (I have been to 8 competitions before, and you can check my results here.) For those interested, here are my expectations/goals. I might post an update to this in mid-July when it is 1-2 weeks before I leave. Read more