A few updates

Dixon Fall was fun. I made the finals in 2×2 and 3×3 and got an SR (State Record) 2×2 average, 2.85 (Edward is gonna take it back next weekend though, but IT’S ON). A few of the highlights:

-10.95 and 10.98 3×3 averages, in the 2nd round and finals respectively

-9.56 and 9.75 3×3 sniggles, in the 2nd and finals

-The SR 2×2 average ofc, I’m at the time of writing this 62nd nationally for 2×2 average and 245th in the world 🙂

-4th place in 3×3 and 2×2. For 2×2 that’s the best I’ve been, at least in the finals. In 3×3, My goal was 5th and I managed to beat that, coming in 4th. I have been 4th before, but that comp had fewer peeps. My times in the final were 10.74, 10.78, 11.42, (9.75), (13.12). I might have podiumed if it weren’t for the last one but idk

-I made the Megaminx cutoff! 😀 Got an overall PB average and 2nd best ever sniggle.

-I tried (and miserably failed lol) to do 3BLD. I didn’t care tho

-I continued my streak of never failing to beat both my average and single PRs in a round of OH. Not too surprised, I practiced OH a bit since Nats.

-I stayed decent overall. No sup-12 3×3 averages or sup-14 sniggles for instance, and no sup-4 averages or sup-5 sniggles in the 4 cube.

Last weekend though I got baned (yes, baned) for 12 weeks from the speedspiddling forum. Not exactly sure why, but it was probably Ranzha who did it – he always overreacts. I don’t care that much but it’s kinda annoying because I can’t post about stuff :3

Okay, and now, I’m ready to announce… that there’s a comp I want to go to! It’s Marrs Mixup Winter 2017 in Omaha, NE. Kinda far from where I am, but it’s on my birthday so I can probably convince someone to take me :3333

One last thing: I’ve been doing a series called Weekly Nines on my YouTube channel. It’s basically Feliks’ Friday fours but slow. Here’s the latest episode. There’s also one coming later today.



Ok now I’m actually going to Dixon Fall

It’s even officialer than before. I’m going to Dixon Fall 2016 on October 8, 2016. It’s in a random small town in Illinois called Dixon (yup) which is around 100 miles west of Chicago if you’re too lazy to look it up. I’ll be competing in:





3x3x3 One-handed

3x3x3 Blindfolded

and then the tentative events if they are ahead of schedule:




This will be fun :3

Links regarding Nationals

24 hours until it begins! Here are some links you can use to check in on the progress of Nationals.

Live* results: https://cubecomps.cubing.net/live.php

Click on any of the events in the sidebar to expand it, and then click on a round to see results for that round. If the text is grey, the round hasn’t been opened yet and the text will not link to anything. As I write this, no rounds have been opened.

Click on Competitors to find a specific competitor. Here is I: https://cubecomps.cubing.net/live.php?cid=1639&compid=118

*Does not update automatically. Reload the page to see the latest times. Times will not be entered immediately after their solve, but will instead be entered from a few minutes to a few hours later.

I coded a program that allows me to “post” results almost as they happen. It will only work on certain systems (namely, Windows systems using a 64-bit processor) and it is a rather large download, but if you are interested, here are the instructions. I will likely use this software for smaller competitions as well.

Nationals goals

Copied from https://www.speedsolving.com/forum/threads/goals-thread.9117/page-135#post-1183646


  • Sub 11.5 average
  • 2+ Sub 10 singles
  • Make semifinals
  • 55th place or better
  • Bonus goal: Counting sub 10?


  • Sub 3.7 average
  • Comp PR single (2.89 or below)
  • At least one other sub 3 single
  • Make semifinals
  • 35th place or better
  • Bonus goal: Make finals????? Unlikely, but possible


  • Sub 1:00 single
  • Sub 1:08 average


  • Sub 2:10 single
  • Bonus goal: Sub 2:00 single


  • Sub 4:15 single
  • Bonus goal: Sub 4:00 single


  • Sub 7:00 single

3×3 OH:

  • Sub 40 single
  • Sub 42 average
  • Bonus goal: Sub 35 single


  • Sub 3:00 single


  • Sub 7 single
  • Sub 8.5 average
  • Make second round
  • 80th place or better
  • Bonus goal: Sub 6 single


  • Sub 45 single
  • Bonus goal: Sub 40 single


  • Who the h*** ever cared about clock?


  • Sub 10 single
  • Sub 13 average
  • Bonus goal: Sub 12 average

FMC! (yes, it is now FMC factorial)

  • Don’t practice
  • Sub 55 mean
  • Sub 50 single
  • Bonus goal: Sub 45 single

Practice Schedule

3 weeks left until Nationals! Here is my practice schedule and results (bold = overall best average):

Sunday, July 10: 3×3 (12.29), 2×2 (3.76, 3.75), Pyraminx (8.60)
Monday, July 11: 3×3 (11.96), 2×2 (3.90), Skewb (11.98)
Tuesday, July 12: 3×3 (12.04), 2×2 (3.81), 4×4 (1:09.35)
Wednesday – Friday, July 13 – 15: No practice
Saturday, July 16: 3×3 (12.65)
Sunday, July 17: 3×3 (11.98), 2×2 (3.75), 5×5 (2:12.43)
Monday, July 18: 3×3 (12.01), 6×6 (4:19.81)
Tuesday, July 19: 3×3 one-handed (40.36), 2×2 (3.74), Square-1 (47.54)
Wednesday, July 20: 3×3 (12.05)
Thursday, July 21: 3×3 (12.02), 2×2 (3.50), Pyraminx (8.88)
Friday, July 22: 3×3 (12.25)


Saturday, July 23: 2×2 (3.81), 4×4 (1:16.74)
Sunday, July 24: 2×2
Monday, July 25: No practice

Tuesday, July 26 thru Thursday, July 28: “dress rehersal” type practice. Will be finalized on July 25.

Friday, July 29: First day of Nationals!

Get notified of my times as they happen with this cool thing

I made a cool thing 🙂

Download it here: (Windows 64-bit only)


Make sure you download the entire folder and not just one file. It should say “Competition data ▼”. Click on the ▼, and then “Download”. After it downloads,  open it and move the “Competition data” folder to your desktop. Create a shortcut to “nationals.exe” (which is in the folder) by right-clicking on it and selecting “Send to” then “Desktop”. You can run it during Nationals, which is July 29-31. If you keep the program installed, it will also work during other competitions.

If you cannot run this program, you can still access results at cubecomps.com. However, these results may be more delayed.

1 Month Until Nationals

It’s getting pretty close. I first became interested in going to Nationals last December, and now it’s in 30 days and counting. I will post about my practice during that time, and will post my final goals on the 22nd of July.

Plurality-11.xy average of 50

For the first time in quite a while, I did 50 solves on the 3x3x3 cube, an “average of 50”, and the mode for number of seconds (ignoring centiseconds) was 11. This means that 15 of the 50 solves (30%) were between 11.00 and 11.99, and only 14 (28%) were between 12.00 and 12.99.Capture

For large amounts of solves, the “average” is the arithmetic mean of all solves but the best and worst 5%, rounded up. Since I did 50 solves, the best and worst three were eliminated, and the remaining 44 had a mean of 12.37. Not to shabby, given that I am a little bit out of practice and have only been seriously solving for the past few days. At competitions like Nationals, the middle three of five solves are averaged. My best average of that type is 10.86 and you can view it on YouTube here.

Here is the entire list of my times and their respective scrambles in that average of 50, for the record: (<10 seconds are in bold) Read more