Dixon Fall was fun. I made the finals in 2×2 and 3×3 and got an SR (State Record) 2×2 average, 2.85 (Edward is gonna take it back next weekend though, but IT’S ON). A few of the highlights:

-10.95 and 10.98 3×3 averages, in the 2nd round and finals respectively

-9.56 and 9.75 3×3 sniggles, in the 2nd and finals

-The SR 2×2 average ofc, I’m at the time of writing this 62nd nationally for 2×2 average and 245th in the world πŸ™‚

-4th place in 3×3 and 2×2. For 2×2 that’s the best I’ve been, at least in the finals. In 3×3, My goal was 5th and I managed to beat that, coming in 4th. I have been 4th before, but that comp had fewer peeps. My times in the final were 10.74, 10.78, 11.42, (9.75), (13.12). I might have podiumed if it weren’t for the last one but idk

-I made the Megaminx cutoff! πŸ˜€ Got an overall PB average and 2nd best ever sniggle.

-I tried (and miserably failed lol) to do 3BLD. I didn’t care tho

-I continued my streak of never failing to beat both my average and single PRs in a round of OH. Not too surprised, I practiced OH a bit since Nats.

-I stayed decent overall. No sup-12 3×3 averages or sup-14 sniggles for instance, and no sup-4 averages or sup-5 sniggles in the 4 cube.

Last weekend though I got baned (yes, baned) for 12 weeks from the speedspiddling forum. Not exactly sure why, but it was probably Ranzha who did it – he always overreacts. I don’t care that much but it’s kinda annoying because I can’t post about stuff :3

Okay, and now, I’m ready to announce… that there’s a comp I want to go to! It’s Marrs Mixup Winter 2017 in Omaha, NE. Kinda far from where I am, but it’s on my birthday so I can probably convince someone to take me :3333

One last thing: I’ve been doing a series called Weekly Nines on my YouTube channel. It’s basically Feliks’ Friday fours but slow. Here’s the latest episode. There’s also one coming later today.



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