24 hours until it begins! Here are some links you can use to check in on the progress of Nationals.

Live* results: https://cubecomps.cubing.net/live.php

Click on any of the events in the sidebar to expand it, and then click on a round to see results for that round. If the text is grey, the round hasn’t been opened yet and the text will not link to anything. As I write this, no rounds have been opened.

Click on Competitors to find a specific competitor. Here is I: https://cubecomps.cubing.net/live.php?cid=1639&compid=118

*Does not update automatically. Reload the page to see the latest times. Times will not be entered immediately after their solve, but will instead be entered from a few minutes to a few hours later.

I coded a program that allows me to “post” results almost as they happen. It will only work on certain systems (namely, Windows systems using a 64-bit processor) and it is a rather large download, but if you are interested, here are the instructions. I will likely use this software for smaller competitions as well.


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